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Inside My Wardrobe

Conversations on marrying up who we are on the inside with who we are on the outside. Join broadcaster Pipa Gordon as she takes a rummage through who we are and how we do life in an uplifting episode of "Inside My Wardrobe".

Mar 7, 2019

So how do you cope when the unplanned occurs – you lose your job, you have a miscarriage, someone you love gets ill or passes away, you get divorced, you suddenly have to care for an elderly parent, things that were NEVER on your wish list suddenly appear at the top of the todo list, life as you planned it feels like it has come to an abrupt end; you feel like we have lost all sense of control and purpose. The art is in being able to deal with life’s curve balls and bombs that land in our laps. If we are so hell bent on perfection, we find life’s uncanny way of pulling the rug from under our feet can leave us flat on our backs, but with solid grounding in what really matters, we are so much more likely to catch those curve balls rather than have them knock us down.

The key to life is learning from the past but not being defined by it, living in the moment and planning for the future. The key to happiness is finding pleasure and purpose both over time, and in every-day life, something that Professor Paul Dolan covers in his book Happiness by Design. Choosing your battles is a life skill, and when we are rooted in the things that matter to us, when we don’t fuss about the details that actually aren’t so important, when we live by our core values, we are so much more able to manage when things go slightly off piste.

Also, one of the big culprits in holding us back or keeping us focussing our attention on the negative, is the pain and unforgiveness for things that have happened before now. The quote I mention that I found so helpful in letting go of the past was “forgiveness is coming to the place where you don’t expect the person to give back to you, what they took”

It’s International Women’s Day this week, there are so many inspirational stories to be told – another great woman to check up on is Brene Brown, her writing and research is immensely powerful when it comes to being connected and living in the fulness and wholeness of life.

This one is around 45 minutes, I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to join in with me on social media, you can find all my connections via my website and if you can, please do leave a 5* review on Apple podcasts - many thanks x