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Women What Whistle

This podcast is about not falling in line or fading away. Stories of bravery, accounts of resilience and even tales of sheer bloody-mindedness. It’s about finding our voice, and sometimes our brave, through the stories of other women who’ve had to find theirs.

Jun 13, 2019

Rather than pretending we are living our best life, we want to live our real life. So, if we dare be brave enough to look in the mirror and bare our true selves to our selves, to love and accept that person for who he/she is today, we will slowly grow in confidence and become more and more able to be that person we were born to be, to stand up, speak out, and embrace life in its fullness.

Finally we reach the end of what has been an epic start to this podcast’s life! Who is mad enough to begin with such a monumental task as this? We have done well though and covered some pretty heavy stuff so this week I skim over it all, recap and remind us of all the aspects we addressed that hopefully will encourage us to be ok with NOT living our best lives but instead, walking in our own shoes and taking life with its ups and downs, highs and lows and making the most of each and every day we have.

  • 005: Unedited – being ok with not being perfect
  • 007: Unplanned – dealing with life’s curve balls and spanners in works
  • 009: Unashamed – identifying the life script we live by and ditching the lies we choose to believe
  • 011: Unwound – managing stress and coping with the anxiety that comes with living life at such as pace as this
  • 013: Uncluttered – how our mind and body responds at a neurological level to order and organisation
  • 015: Unafraid – discovering our freedom on the other side of our fears
  • 017: Unstuck – nothing changes if nothing changes
  • 019: Unlimited – strategy to unblocking ourselves from what holds us back