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Women What Whistle

This podcast is about not falling in line or fading away. Stories of bravery, accounts of resilience and even tales of sheer bloody-mindedness. It’s about finding our voice, and sometimes our brave, through the stories of other women who’ve had to find theirs.

Aug 1, 2019

So we are in the thick of school holidays and we know they can be a testing time for everyone involved! We take on a huge mission as parents to care, nurture, protect, inspire and guide our young ones however with the testing times of no routine, boredom, too much screen time and sibling spats, how on earth do we get through?


I’ve had a few years doing this now and these are some of my top tips for coping?

1.      Put Something in their Love Bank

Before you start the day and try to get through everything you need to do before taking the kids out, give them a small amount of undivided attention, pay in to their bank and they are then set up for the rest of the day

2.      Give Responsibilities

Chores to help around the house are a great way to give them something to do and to also help you out at this particularly busy time.

Come up with a list of jobs that you are willing to give pocket money for – encourage them to earn, it helps them learn how to manage money and it definitely slows down their spending when they know it’s their own cash!

3.      Have boundaries and routine

Set some sort of routine in place, maybe have a holiday timetable or a calendar up with planned dates on. Children respond well to boundaries and a framework. They are used to it in school and gives them check points through the day, the week and the holiday. This also helps you see the holiday as a whole, where your work fits in and where there are gaps that might need filling.

4.      Be Slow To Lay Down The Law

Don’t go making huge threats that you can’t uphold. Have few and fair rules, this is holiday, it’s time to enjoy some down time but that doesn’t mean that everything goes out of the window – and remember, consistency is key.

5.      Don’t Be The Referee

Get them to sort their own battles with each other, it’s a huge life skill and will deter unnecessary fights as it won’t become about getting Mum/Dad’s attention.

6.      Enjoy your children

They are only with us for a short time!


The book I read from is The Rules of Life by Richard Templar and Liquid Thinking which I quoted earlier on re the psychology in the OJ Simpson defence was Liquid Thinking by Damian Hughes