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Women What Whistle

This podcast is about not falling in line or fading away. Stories of bravery, accounts of resilience and even tales of sheer bloody-mindedness. It’s about finding our voice, and sometimes our brave, through the stories of other women who’ve had to find theirs.

Aug 22, 2019

They say everything happens for a reason, but do you actually think that is true? Is everything laid out in the stars already or do we have a choice? Do some get lucky or is life what you make it?

With GCSE and A Level results all out on the table now, we are fast approaching September, the season of new beginnings - the question is, do those new beginnings stop once we leave the education system or can we keep growing and learning until the end? Should we bother, particularly if it's already written in the stars!

And Dick's footsteps? Yes, Dick Whittington, he didn't hang around to see what was written in the stars, instead he took complete control in order to create change in his life and off he went! 

The last questions is this, where are you heading?