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Women What Whistle

This podcast is about not falling in line or fading away. Stories of bravery, accounts of resilience and even tales of sheer bloody-mindedness. It’s about finding our voice, and sometimes our brave, through the stories of other women who’ve had to find theirs.

Sep 26, 2019

Sometimes the word no is far more powerful and identity giving than the word yes, so continuing with the series Sorry Not Sorry, taking back your life and finding the freedom to be who you are, this is about boundaries. Knowing when to say yes and knowing when to say no. And knowing that no, is ok – it’s more than ok, it’s necessary in order to know who you are and be who you are.

So if you regularly feel burned out, resentful of certain relationships, or perhaps you battle with finances, anger, exhaustion, or perhaps you feel that somewhere along the line you have lost track of who you are, or you find yourself constantly running around after everyone else, meeting everyone else’s needs and find that you are left with nothing in the tank and no one even cares - you might need to connect with the ability to see where you need to say no.

Sorry not sorry, this one is about boundaries, knowing when to say yes and knowing when to say no.

Here's the link to the official site for Boundaries Books and the work of Dr Cloud and Dr Townsend - you can also find them on Amazon