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Inside My Wardrobe

Conversations on marrying up who we are on the inside with who we are on the outside. Join broadcaster Pipa Gordon as she takes a rummage through who we are and how we do life in an uplifting episode of "Inside My Wardrobe".

Jun 11, 2020

The world feels as though it has been turned upside down and shaken to its core and with everything tumbling around at our feet how do we move forwards? When everything seems as if it can never be the same again, how do we do our part in creating a change? Climbing out of a hole involves hard work and determination and by taking one step at a time, we will get there.

We take wisdom from the cupboard under the kitchen sink, being lost in Paris, Anthony Robins, Dory, Elizabeth Gilbert, a tapestry, knitting, ladders and even the Incredible Hulk in order to discuss further so that post pandemic, we embark upon a period of curiosity and change that allows us to be more understanding and connected to our humanity and nature so that this world can become a better place for us all.

Quotes during the episode:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert “I will not punish myself for the process”
  • Anthony Robbins on taking control of the shoulding thoughts “I will decide”
  • Dory “Just keep swimming”

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