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Inside My Wardrobe

Conversations on marrying up who we are on the inside with who we are on the outside. Join broadcaster Pipa Gordon as she takes a rummage through who we are and how we do life in an uplifting episode of "Inside My Wardrobe".

Nov 22, 2021

If you wonder if you will ever find your voice, or fear that you won’t know what to do with it when you do, then check out this episode. It’s a hugely inspiring conversation with someone who has forged her own path right from the start. We talk about politics, patriarchy, education, and media, taking part in life,...

Nov 8, 2021

Sex therapist and author Emma Waring joins me for an episode in which we pull back the covers on our sex lives. It is an area of life that we are often uncomfortable talking about and yet something that is so vital to our health and wellbeing, not to mention our relationships.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The value of...