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Inside My Wardrobe

Conversations on marrying up who we are on the inside with who we are on the outside. Join broadcaster Pipa Gordon as she takes a rummage through who we are and how we do life in an uplifting episode of "Inside My Wardrobe".

Jan 16, 2019

OK so this is somewhat of a rather substance-less episode involving me waxing lyrical from inside my wardrobe about the who what why and where. It's not very brain taxing, after all I didn't want to waste any decent content if I then accidentally ditched it but I wanted to get the ball rolling, figure out all the posting side of things, make sure that you can hear it your end, that I know what I'm doing etc etc before I start proper. It's just under 11 mins of chat from me and Sherbert the cat so I hope you enjoy! I would be HUGELY grateful if you could leave a comment from wherever you are listening, if you do listen, to let me know that it downloaded ok and sounded ok - thanks ever so much!! Pipa xx