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Inside My Wardrobe

Conversations on marrying up who we are on the inside with who we are on the outside. Join broadcaster Pipa Gordon as she takes a rummage through who we are and how we do life in an uplifting episode of "Inside My Wardrobe".

Oct 17, 2021

On this episode we talk all about how our food effects both our physical and mental health. Our hormones are affected tremendously by what we eat and there’s a reason why diets don’t work, they don’t give us the balance we need, for example, high protein = low mood. Clinical nutritionist and former chef Emma...

Oct 11, 2021

Menopause is often misdiagnosed so education is paramount. If we can know what to look out for, we will be far more equipped when we go to see the GP for help and support. This week we talk to menopause specialist Sharon Hartmann from the Newson Clinic. She works both in the NHS and the private sector so she has a...