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Women What Whistle

This podcast is about not falling in line or fading away. Stories of bravery, accounts of resilience and even tales of sheer bloody-mindedness. It’s about finding our voice, and sometimes our brave, through the stories of other women who’ve had to find theirs.

Oct 31, 2019

Once trust is broken it's so hard to rebuild again. It's important to recognise when to put that time and effort in and when to let go. Trust starts with knowing who we are and in this episode we talk about how to recognise and help ourselves know which way to go.

Oct 24, 2019

Words that a friend wrote to me once have stuck with me forever "we change the world by first changing ours" and so this week we talk about finding joy on our doorstep. When we start to reconnect with what actually matters and invest relentlessly in that, we can be part of the bigger picture and change the fabric of...

Oct 17, 2019

Whizz and I went for a walk the other day along an old railway line and whilst I was admiring the gorgeous reds and golds of the leaves turning, it struck me how beautiful something can be when its dying.

We so often look at loss as a negative, however the seasons of nature are necessary in order to make room for new...

Oct 10, 2019

Codependency is a really important one as when it comes to taking back the power and our place in life, we can so easily find ourselves in relationships where we relinquish who we are in favour of propping someone else up – it’s a clever little monster as it sneaks up on us and masquerades as true love then before...

Oct 3, 2019

Care too much? Running around ticking boxes and meeting needs, getting things done, being there for other people? Hurt easily by someone’s reaction to something you said or did? Sometimes we need to stop caring about the things that just don’t matter.

Weirdly, as I sat down to put this week’s podcast together,...